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Like many of the really good words, the word “orthodontist” originated in the Greek language and translated literally to “tooth straightener.” While an orthodontist’s job is much more complicated than that, you get the gist. An orthodontist is the doctor responsible for straightening your pearly whites. We are specialists in diagnosing, preventing and treating malocclusion, or an improper bite due to irregularities of the teeth or jaws.

What Kind of Training Does an Orthodontist Have?

Here’s an interesting fact: All orthodontists are dentists but not all dentists are orthodontists. That basically means an orthodontist went to school for an extremely long time! After receiving a bachelor’s degree, an orthodontist gets their doctorate from dental school, then completes three more years of specialist training. Finally, they must pass all of the required examinations to become a Certified Specialist in Orthodontics. The specialist training program consists mainly of clinically-based learning, meaning treating patients and getting experience.

Kid Treatment

Your little one still has their adorable baby teeth so you have years before it’s time to visit an orthodontist, right? Nope. The American Associations of Orthodontists recommend children see an orthodontist no later than seven-years-old.

Teen Treatment

We all know the teenage years can be tough enough without having to deal with a smile you’re unhappy with. At Jericho Smiles, we can change this and we have the treatment options to fit your lifestyle and your parents’ budget. We’d call that a win-win!

Adult Treatment

We offer treatments to suit every age and every stage. You’re never too old to reap the benefits of a stellar smile. An increasing number of adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to boost their confidence and improve their oral health.

Do I Need to See an Orthodontist?

It’s wise to see an orthodontist as early as seven-years-old. An orthodontist possesses the know-how to determine if malocclusion is dental (teeth) or skeletal (jaws) and, if necessary, can whip your teeth into shape with braces and correct jaw and facial growth with dentofacial orthopedics. This can prevent the need for corrective surgery in the future and give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

A professor once said to me, “If you don’t know what is causing a problem, you won’t be able to fix it.” While this holds true for everything in life, in orthodontics it really underscores the importance of learning diagnosis. An orthodontist will uncover the underlying issue and root cause of a person’s malocclusion and evaluate the various treatment options to determine which ones will work best for each individual patient.

With so many choices including Invisalign, clear braces, metal braces and lingual braces, you’ll need an orthodontist to steer you toward what will give you the best possible results.

Orthodontics is an art and science and it requires an experienced professional to uncover why your malocclusion exists and exactly how to treat it. At Jericho Smiles we take a patient-centric approach and we’ll educate you every step of the way so you can reach informed, confident decisions about your care.

If you have any of the following, you may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment:

  • Overbite, sometimes called “buck teeth” — where the upper front teeth lie too far forward (stick out) over the lower teeth
  • Underbite — a “bulldog” appearance where the lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth too far back
  • Crossbite — when the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth when biting together normally
  • Open bite — space between the biting surfaces of the front and/or side teeth when the back teeth bite together
  • Misplaced midline— when the center of your upper front teeth does not line up with the center of your lower front teeth
  • Spacing — gaps, or spaces, between the teeth as a result of missing teeth or teeth that do not “fill up” the mouth
  • Crowding — when there are too many teeth for the dental ridge to accommodate

What Patients Say about Us

Dr. Lee and his staff are amazing, they genuinely care and are willing to help you get the results you want. Dr. Lee is thorough and a perfectionist, and you won't regret going to him.

Jinny FFrom Yelp

My son is 4 and he cries at the drop of a hat, so needless to say i was a bit worried. But Dr. Choi spoke to my son in such a gentle and fun way that before my son knew what was going on Dr. Choi was done.

Joseph C.From Yelp

Amazing experience today with Dr. Lee. I always wanted braces as a child but couldn't and assumed Invisalign was out of my price range as an adult. Working with the outstanding team, I realized I could fulfill my life long dream of braces and stay within my budget! So excited to continue working with the amazing team here to get the smile I have always wanted!!

Jim HFrom Yelp

I just recently got my braces off. Dr. Lee and the staff did an amazing job. The staff is very friendly and I'm glad I chose braces and smiles. I highly recommend anyone who needs/wants braces to go here!

Farhana R.From Yelp

Ever since my first visit to the office, everyone was very nice and welcoming. I enjoyed going every month for my braces checkup. Everything is very fast with little to none waiting time. Not to mention, the end result; I am very happy with the way my teeth have turned out.I recommend Dr. Lee to anyone that needs any orthodontic work done!

Amina IFrom Google

Dr Lee's professionalism will make you at ease and him and his staff will make this whole process effortlessly. 17 months later, my boys have a prefect smile!

Sandy M.From Google

Dr. Choi is very good with the kids and thorough. He explains things clearly and also gives many suggestions not only for current treatment, but also for the futures. My son has his chipped tooth extracted. The gave him laughing gas and watch movie while extracting his tooth. Everything went very well and quick.

Lisa C.From Yelp

After countless consultations and research I found Dr. Lee and I'm so glad that I did. Dr. Lee and his team are super friendly and very knowledgeable, they made me feel incredibly confident about my smile even with my metal braces. As he has advised me during my initial consultation, orthodontic treatment only took me 13 months and I am now braces free! =D. If you are looking for a great orthodontist, don't look anywhere else.

Mindy S.From Yelp

Took our daughter here for her first dentist visit. The office was super kid friendly, plenty of toys. The staff even came out and put on Frozen to make her feel more at ease and comfortable. Dr. Choi was friendly and patient with our little one even when she feared to sit in the seat alone. He explained the benefits to both us of brushing and even flossing at such at young age as well as even sang a little song 🙂 Would highly recommend Jericho smiles!

Rosina PersaudFrom Google

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